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Dangerous criminals cornered

After being discovered attempting to enter a home in the Makeni region, THREE dangerous offenders were apprehended in Lusaka, and three more are still at large.

The six were discovered tampering with a property’s electric fence in the Makeni region, and when three of them were apprehended, they were discovered to have a gun, a knife, and other tools suitable for breaking into a house.

Big Eagle security personnel salvaged the day with quick thinking after pursuing the offenders in an unregistered Toyota IST.

The security team members became suspicious when they saw the car.

Their suspicions were confirmed when they saw the suspects fiddling with a house’s electric fence while they were being pursued at a distance.

The incident took place yesterday morning about 1:00 in the Makeni neighborhood of Lusaka, according to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

“Three suspected criminals were apprehended by members of Giant Eagle Security Company in Makeni area. The suspects were six in number, but three managed to escape. Members of the Security Company while patrolling around Grey Zulu area in Makeni got suspicious after they saw a Toyota IST (unregistered) which they followed at a distance. Later, six occupants were seen getting out of the vehicle with house breaking instruments and Immediately started tempering with a razor wire at one of the houses in the area,” he said.

He said the suspects were challenged and three were apprehended while the other three escaped.

“After searching them, they were found with a Pistol with two magazines all loaded with ammunition, a knife and house breaking instruments. Police were alerted and rushed to the scene where they found the suspects identified as Obvious Kamukamba aged 28, Nicholas Mwaba aged 22 both of Zingalume township and Dickson Mwanza aged 35 of Kanyama compound,” he said.

Mr Mwale added that the motor vehicle has been impounded and the suspects are in Police custody, while a manhunt for the other three suspects has been launched.

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