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Pearl Thusi and Anatii spark dating rumours again

South African actress and media personality, Pearl Thusi has had a number of high-profile relationships making headlines throughout her career in the spotlight. From “baby daddy” Walter Mokeona, who she shares her eldest daughter with, Thando, to her relationship with sports commentator and veteran Robert Marawa. Both of whom had proposed and were traditionally engaged to the star.

As such, after the breakups and speculations on her love life thereafter, Thusi vowed that she would not make her subsequent relationships public. At the time, she had stated that the reason she was not public about her relationships anymore was due to is’dima as her family would see headlines and stories about her relationships and subsequent breakups.

But that does not mean that Thusi has done a great job of keeping the matter of her dating and love life private. Slowly but surely, the Queen Sono lead continues to tease and suggest that she is in a relationship with Hip-Hop artist and producer, Anatii.

Anatii, following an extended hiatus from releasing music, used 2022 to start his comeback to performing and releasing music. One of his biggest and loudest public supporters was none other than Pearl Thusi who used her Twitter account as an Anatii stan account.

Moreover, she was one of the few Mzansi celebs that wished the 30-year-old a happy birthday on his special day. This was one of the few posts that Thusi shared via Twitter after she has previously confirmed that she is taking a break.

Moreover, whenever Thusi is visiting Cape Town. The city which Anatii has seemingly chosen as his home base, she now seems to have a consistent residence that she visits. This residence has an infinity pool that looks out towards the beach.

Recently, Pearl, who is currently in India, took to her Instagram to share a touching post dedicated to reclusive musician and singer-songwriter Msaki.

But the focus for many was the location where Pearl had shot the images which featured Msaki that piqued their interest. This is as the question of who exactly took the images was asked, with many suggesting that it was none other than Anatii behind the lens.

Pearl Thusi and Msaki Pearl Thusi

A fact that can be corroborated by Anatii’s corresponding post which he shared a week earlier during the time that Pearl was also in Cape Town for his Cabo Beach performance. Anatii’s post was dedicated to his best friend, Msaki, a best friend which Thusi meant and immediately decided they were friends.

Anatii and Msaki Anatii

While the matter of Pearl and Anatii dating has not been confirmed.

Pearl Thusi and Anatii Pearl Thusi and Anatii


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