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Drug Enforcement Commission says drug problem critical in Zambia

The Drug Enforcement Commission says the drug problem in the country is huge and needs concerted sensitisation to address.

Speaking at the 95th Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka, DEC Director General Nason Banda said the drug problem is big and that the show is one of the big catchment activities to use and interact with the people.

Mr Banda said the DEC will be using available platforms such as the Agriculture and Commercial Show to educate people on the dangers of drugs.

He explained that the show has given the commission access to a number of people who have been sensitized on drug related vices.

“As DEC we have decided to be part of the show so that we can take advantage of the large cloud and sensitize people on the dangers of drug trafficking. And I must say that it has been successful and our prayer and hope is that people have learnt one or two things from that,” said Mr Banda.

Mr Banda shared that the general public have been sensitized on different topics such as how they should prevent themselves from this vice and also what they should expect of them during and after counselling.

“We have a number of activities lined up at the show and I must mention that different topics have been lined up while entertaining the people with different entertaining activities such as dancing and poetry among others.” Mr Banda noted.
Mr Banda explained that people who visited the DEC stand at the show grounds were also being enlightened on how they should prevent themselves from being hoodwinked by criminals or drug traffickers.

Source: lusakatimes

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