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“Decolonize Zambia’s Education

According to an academic, major curricular changes are required to promote Zambia’s authentic identity.

In order to foster traditional values, the education sector needs to be decolonized, according to senior lecturer at the University of Zambia’s Department of Education, FERDINAND CHIPINDI.

Dr. CHIPINDI noted that decolonization will help to identify a learner’s strengths while speaking at the dissemination meeting for the study on the decolonisation of higher education in Zambia.


The indigenous knowledge has been degraded by the education system that the colonial overlords left behind, according to Dr. CHIPINDI, and as a result, the true cultural identity of Africans and Zambians has been lost.

According to GEORGE HAMUSUNGA, Executive Director of the Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC), the idea of decolonization is intended to localize the curriculum in order to support Zambian traditional education.

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