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Gogo Maweni responds to divorce claims

Mzansi reality TV star and celebrity traditional healer, Lee-Anne “Gogo Maweni” Mokopo has addressed rumours that she and her husband Sabelo Mgube are headed for divorce. This comes after reports suggested that they were going through a rocky patch and Sabelo did Maweni dirty. They recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary at the new establishment Zuma restaurant in Durban.

Taking to her Instagram stories Gogo Maweni set the record straight on rumours that she and her husband are headed for splitsville. She said there were tough times in their marriage but that does not mean the end is near for them.

“Everybody said it would end in tears … The tears have been there but the end is never coming. I don’t care what social media says,” she said.

Gogo Maweni

Maweni gushed over her husband and said he is the most supportive person in her life.

“He’s loving, he’s caring and I thank God that he stepped in when I am raising sons … he’s very respectful … My husband will bend over backwards and frontwards to make sure that I’m OK as much as I would do that for him … I had to kiss frogs to find him.”

A source told ZiMoja that Sabelo crashed Gogo Maweni’s fancy Mercedes-Benz ride leading to their split. “She is an independent woman, she makes more money and her ego is inflated. You can earn money, which is already an issue for a man. When he crashed her car, she said some crazy things to him which I will not repeat.”

Gogo Maweni

“She can fight and have fake beef with people, but not bring that home. They are still together and living in the house but they are having serious issues. I won’t mention the insecurities. She thinks every woman wants her husband.”

Maweni once addressed rumours that Sabelo is after her money, “People don’t know what he does. He has his own company, he’s hands-on in my company,” she said in response.

“He’s the one that wipes my tears every time I cry. He says: ‘It’s because you’re strong, it’s because you’re powerful, they need to talk about you so that people can listen to them.’ I’ve learnt it’s OK. We laugh because behind closed doors. You don’t know how we live and I’ve learnt throughout the years that everybody will say whatever they want to say about you.”


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