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Latest photo of DJ Tira has social media insinuating he’s gay

Twitter is abuzz following a recently shared picture of Afrotainments’s DJ Tira making rounds. Unknowingly, DJ Tira has landed himself in hot soup for the manner in which he is pictured sitting with another gentleman beside him.

Scores of tweeps have since jumped on the bandwagon to either make fun of DJ Tira, insert unsavoury and distasteful comments and/ or blatantly have proceeded to insinuate that maybe Makoya Bearings is gay.

DJ Tira

He has been labelled as a mother of two children, a baddie and a number of comments have suggested and questioned the DJ’s s.e.xuality.

“Haibo uTira wahlala ngathi ngu Proud Mother of two? Zikhiphani ” wrote Loenz Nkabi

More tweeps did not spare Makoya Bearings any mercy as they also went in for the jugular to discredit him. The way in which he is sitting with his legs across each other have been questioned and labelled as weird, amongst other things.


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Mapaseka Koetle

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