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Social media reacts to a photo of DJ Zinhle sitting ‘inappropriately’ in a bikini

Mzansi social media users are at it again, and as always, yet another woman is being crucified for doing something perfectly normal. DJ Zinhle, has come under fire over some racy pictures that she recently posted to her social media. The image in question included the DJ’s poolside, sporting a green bikini.

DJ Zinhle

Social media users couldn’t even give the Bokke more than 24 hours to revel in their victory before calling her out for “spreading her legs on social media,” with additional insults about her toes and the fact that she was a mother.

Social media has never been a place to keep things private and while we take the time to share intimate and special parts of our lives, it also means that our lives are open to public scrutiny as people bash one another with the kind of boldness that is particularly cruel from the comfort of hiding behind their screens and social media handles.

DJ Zinhle

Zoomed-in pictures of the DJ’s vagina and toes have been making their rounds on platforms such as X, with users even calling the DJ things like “DJ Masende,” a Zulu term for testicles.

DJ Zinhle

It seems there is a common theme when it comes to social media insults and at the butt of the jokes are successful women, who have worked harder than most to actualize their dreams.

DJ Zinhle

When media personality and actress Pearl Thusi posted racy images, which included her in a mesh bodysuit with her breasts exposed earlier this year, she was met with hurling insults that she was too old to wear the things she did and that she was setting a bad example for young and impressionable children.

DJ Zinhle

Similarly, DJ Zinhle has now been criticised for being a bad mother, a bad example and since social media users can’t find anything else to call her of course they resort to the insults that allude to the fact that she looks like a man, even after losing the father to the child that she carried earlier this year.

It goes without saying that one of the most feminine acts throughout history has been women’s use of their own bodies propagated through the male gaze, which we are now seeing fund sex workers’ entire livelihoods through the digital age.

Women can’t breathe without someone from the peanut gallery either calling her prude when she is more conservative or a whorish disgrace when she chooses to express herself in more liberated ways. While men’s own autonomy is seen as more comical as they parade the streets with their shirts off or show their genital areas on TV seen in shows such as the US TV series Jackass.

Living within societal boundaries is almost too big of a cross for any woman to bear. With the weight of violent assaults and violations put on our own shoulders.

There’s something so liberating in seeing women do as they please, when they please, and how they please, regardless of the potential outbursts from others, which now come around like clockwork.

For almost 20 years, Zinhle has shed blood, sweat, and tears for the industry, and has a success story that many artists could only dream of.

Women must continue to fight for their respect, regardless of what that looks like and how people react. Women get to make their own choices on what they want to show and share, without the need for their bodies to become political playgrounds and mindless opportunities for people to berate.

More power to DJ Zinhle for something as simple as wearing a bathing suit and posing for a picture…I guess.


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