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Watch: Unathi Nkayi’s impressive Volleyball skills at Durban Open Beach Volleyball

South African radio personality, Unathi Nkayi’s excellent Volleyball skills at The Durban Open Women’s Beach Volleyball Tournament have shocked Mzansi.

Indeed, Unathi is a woman of many talents, and in Durban, she showed excellent skills that nobody imagined. It was a wonderful weekend as she showed fans how good a volleyball player she is.

Since leaving Idols SA, Unathi has been doing a lot, and spending time in the gym has been one of her main activities. It seemed that she was now determined to be as fit as ever, and she was showing it.

Unathi Nkayi

Looking at the body she had a few years ago, Unathi would not have managed to show such Volleyball skills. Undoubtedly, her delicate body is resurrecting many buried talents in her. She is a woman of many talents.

Unathi had been doing a lot of Volleyball sessions. Otherwise, she could not produce such a top performance. Or at least, she had been a top Volleyball player in the day. Of course, only she could tell the world how she became a good player.

Unathi Nkayi

In a team of four, Unathi looked the best by some miles and even scored many points to show for it. In the below video, she started on the ground sitting 180 degrees as her teammates cheered her up. It seemed they had just lost a point, and she was down.

Unathi Nkayi showed that she has fantastic volleyball skills and she is a leader f the team. A few seconds later, Unathi was already up and running, and her dig passes into the opponent’s court proved many things. After the score, her teammates came together and celebrated with her. It was a fantastic scene for the fans watching as they celebrated.


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Connie Ferguson

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