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Video: Gogo Maweni flaunts her cash for Easter holiday

South African reality TV star and sangoma Gogo Maweni plays chop her money, flashing cash she will be using for the Easter holiday over the weekend.

Welcome to the Easter holidays, and Gogo Maweni must be planning to enjoy her best holidays ever. When working, Gogo Maweni does not rest and deserves everything coming her way. She deserves to chop all the hard-earned money in style as she enters the Easter holidays.

Gogo Maweni rarely splashes cash as she prefers a low lifestyle. Indeed this is a shocker to many after she showed a bag full of money while chopping some more. A few days ago, she announced a new product; her business is making her a lot. What a big hustler and businesswoman Gogo Maweni is becoming.

Gogo Maweni

To make it perfect, the Easter holiday came a few days before her anniversary with her husband, and she plans to go outside the country for a vacation.

Gogo Maweni seemed to want to go out for some drinks or something as she checked her bag. Indeed she would need more money to go out unless taste took an early holiday for her Easter.

Gogo Maweni

In the video, Gogo Maweni said that every lady must always check her bag before leaving. Indeed, this statement is about something other than money, as most people would not have such large amounts of money. Soon after that chop my money video, Gogo Maweni shared her snake going into a toilet chamber.

The snake entered the chamber, and it all disappeared there, leaving many fans in awe. Indeed, one would wonder if Gogo Maweni uses muthi to get money or if it’s her excellent business skills.


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