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Eastern Province lists 125 cases of cholera

In Eastern Province, 125 cases of cholera have been reported, and the disease has spread to five other districts.

The Provincial government does point out that only four people have passed away from the illness.

BEAUTY PHIRI, the provincial deputy permanent secretary, has urged district commissioners, provincial heads of departments, and other stakeholders to remain vigilant in the fight against cholera.

Ms. PHIRI made this statement at the meeting of the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee, which was attended by council secretaries and DCs from the province’s 15 districts.

The Eastern Province Water and Sanitation Company has sent chlorine to the Katete District, according to Commissioner MALAN ZIMBA, who also stated that the district will use the chlorine to disinfect its water sources.

YOBE GOMA, the commissioner of Chama District, reported that urgent meetings were held throughout the area to discuss cholera prevention strategies.

Yesterday, the World Health Organization stated that it would invest $285,000.00 to combat cholera in Zambia.

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