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Economic Road Batoka-Maamba Needs Rehabilitation – HH

The government will work on the Batoka-Maamba road, according to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, because of the importance of the road to the nation’s economy.

Despite being the primary route connecting Maamba Collieries to the rest of the country, President HICHILEMA claims to be aware of the road’s poor condition.

Shortly after arriving, the President gave a speech in the MAAMBA neighborhood of Southern Province’s Sinazongwe District.

A portion of the Constituency Development Fund should be spent, according to President HICHILEMA, to upgrade feeder roads.

Further, President HICHILEMA stated that he does not anticipate hiring outside contractors to work on the feeder roads when locals are capable of doing so.

Additionally, GIFT SIALUBALO, a member of parliament for Sinazongwe, informed the President that the Batoka-Maamba road has been in a terrible condition for a while and that the locals are pleading with the government to fix it.

Further pleading for rescue maize to ease the district’s hunger crisis brought on by the floods and droughts that happened during the previous growing season.

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