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Elephant crushes and kills Man in Kafue

A 48-year-old resident of Kafue District’s Shimabala region was killed after being mauled by an elephant on his way home from a binge-drinking binge in the Chiawa Wildlife Management Area.

On February 26, 2023, Timothy Chipanda, a worker at a recently built lodge in Chiawa, snuck away for a drink. On the way back, an elephant attacked and killed him.

Officers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife conducted a search and discovered the corpse yesterday a short distance from the scene, according to Zambia Police Deputy Spokesman DANNY MWALE.

The body was discovered in a degraded state, according to Mr. MWALE, and there were numerous elephant footprints nearby.

He claims that due to the condition of the bones, the body was given to family members who buried it in Shimabala.

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