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Elsa Majimbo accuses supermodel Naomi Cambell of being a bully

Elsa Majimbo has opened up about her strained relationship with British supermodel Naomi Cambell. In a now-deleted Tik Tok video Elsa explains in detail everything about her relationship with Naomi Campbell including how and when they met, and what caused them to fall out.

According to Elsa in 2020, she and Naomi followed each other on social media and everyone around her knew that Naomi Campbell was her role model.

A few months later Naomi was in Nairobi on vacation. This was when Elsa found out and sent a message to the supermodel expressing her interest in meeting her, to which Naomi Campbell agreed to. The Kenyan personality and Naomi then met up in Nairobi and Naomi took her shopping alongside her brother. After the shopping, Naomi invited Elsa to vacation with her.

While on vacation, Elsa notes that Naomi Campbell suggested that she make a documentary about her life in Kenya and how she broke into Hollywood.

However, their relationship quickly made a left turn when Majimbo shot a documentary about her experiences with discrimination and surviving as a woman of colour without informing Naomi Campbell. As a result, Elsa shares how Naomi Campbell felt left out and called Elsa Majimba on the phone, expressing outrage over being left in the dark about the documentary.

Elsa Majimbo

Despite trying to explain to Naomi that the documentary created was not the one that the supermodel suggested, Naomi was still not impressed with Elsa.Elsa explained how things got worse, specifically noting how Campbell became increasingly hostile towards her to the point where they cut communication.

Months later, the Kenyan model shared that she attended an event where she bumped into the then editor of British Vogue, Edward Enninful. Elsa notes that her conversation with Edward made her realize that her issue with Naomi Campbell could be responsible for being blackballed in the fashion industry.

“Talking about the Naomi Campbell situation was very hard and scary for me. But I don’t want to be owned by someone else and I want to acknowledge a lot of big hits and blows in my career came from another black woman and not my own incompetence”, Elsa shared in a now deleted tweet.

Elsa also shockingly shared how her fall out with Naomi made her depressed and turned her into an alcoholic at 19-years-old.

“From 19 years old too. She made me an alcoholic and full blown depressed. It’s now time to heal and be happy”, Elsa shared.

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