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Energy expert kudos Maamba power expansion

Energy Expert Boniface Zulu says the expansion of power generation at Maamba Collieries Limited from the current 300 to 600 megawatts will boost investor confidence in Zambia.

Mr. Zulu has observed that investing in the generation of electricity in the country will attract more investors in Zambia due to adequate power supply, which will come as a result of expansion of the coal mining firm.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, Mr. Zulu has explained that adequate power supply in the country is one of the drivers of economic growth because of the increased electricity production.

He adds that the expansion of Maamba Collieries will also result in job creation for the local people in the area.

“Expanding Maamba Collieries is actually a good initiative that the government is investing in the generation of electricity as it has a lot of benefits on foreign investments and job creation for the locals,” noted Mr. Zulu.

Mr. Zulu, however, appealed to the mining firm to ensure that maintenance works are carried out in adequate time to ensure that the system is maintained.

He said that maintaining machinery at the Maamba Collieries will also help to avoid long term problems.

Source: lusakatimes

In other news – Government had no choice but to bring back Vedanta – Peter Mulenga

Copperbelt-based Good Governance Activist Peter Mulenga says the Government had no other option besides giving back Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to Indian investors Vedanta Mineral Resources.



The London Metal Market-listed firm is coming back to run KCM after protracted court battles that culminated in the recent out-of-court settlement that is near completion. Learn more

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