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Energy Specialist Glad With HH’s Effort To Fix Energy Problems

The consultative engagement process being started by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, according to energy expert JOHNSTONE CHIKWANDA, will settle outstanding issues in the sector.

According to Dr. CHIKWANDA, the energy sector has been facing the same problems in the electrical and petroleum subsectors.

He claims that in order to increase the nation’s electricity production, the 2,400 megawatt Batoka Gorge Power Project must be backed and hastened.

He added that it is in the public interest to address the legal disputes over the Luapula River’s water body rights, which have delayed the development of a sizable hydroelectric plant for a number of years.

According to Dr. CHIKWANDA, the government should also think about creating a master plan for the nation’s pipelines that will direct and influence future pipeline projects.

In an interview with ZNBC news, Dr. CHIKWANDA stated that the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), a shareholder in Indeni, must provide financial support to the facility in order for it to make investments in ethanol blending and production machinery.

Another energy expert, BORNFACE ZULU, advised the government to consider domestic production of wind turbines and solar panels in order to alleviate the nation’s power generation problems.

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