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Erection Of 300 Communication Towers

To enhance internet and mobile phone services, the government will build an additional 300 phone network towers across the nation this year, according to Technology and Science Minister FELIX MUTATI.

According to Mr. Mutati, the goal of the government is to guarantee that every area of the nation has good internet connection and access to mobile phone services.

According to Mr. Mutati, the recent presidential visit to Doha was already paying off when Liquid Telecom, one of the largest internet service providers, agreed to offer internet access to all secondary schools.

The Minister was speaking as he traveled from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Geneva for the Global Summit on the Information Society, whose main goal is to determine how the development of ICTs might lessen the difficulties associated with internet connectivity.

INUTU MWANZA, the first secretary for press and tourism at the Zambian embassy in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, made this claim in a statement to ZNBC News.

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