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Evans Muhanga’s main advisor runs down key wildlife reserve

Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Evans Muhanga’s main advisor Peter Fisher has failed to run Nchila Wildlife Reserve Limited owing to financial mismanagement.

This has resulted in Nchila Wildlife Reserve Limited being placed under receivership.

According to Notice of Sale by Receiver placed in state newspapers, Andrew Kamaga has been appointed as the official receiver of Nchila which was once one of the best game ranches in the country.
Fisher was conferred as chief Nyamwane in 2016.

In the 2021 elections, he contested the Ikelengi parliamentary seat on the Patriotic Front (PF) ticket and lost to Lands minister Elijah Muchima.

He was regarded as a strong opponent for Muchima as many believe he is a strong PF member in the area.

But owing to Fisher’s excessive borrowing, financial mismanagement and his high levels of dishonesty, he has failed to honor financial obligations with banks, resulting in Nchila being placed under receivership .

Chief Nyamwane was the key person who advised Muhanga to cancel the photographic tourism hunting concession tender, thereby going against the legal opinion of the Attorney General.

Despite failing to properly run Nchila, Muhanga has promised Fisher that he would ensure chief Nyamwane was awarded more blocks so that he could equally run them down.

Sources have said it was expected for Muhanga to mess up the tourism sector as the parament secretary consistently listens to the dishonest Fisher.

“I am not shocked that we are in a total mess in the tourism sector. The advisor to the permanent secretary is a failure and you expect Muhanga to do better? No…. that would be wishful thinking. Now, imagine Fisher getting more blocks because he feels now it’s his time. We are in trouble in the sector and Muhanga is not taking us anywhere,” said the source.

In other news – Businessman Maxwell Chongu nabbed

Police in Lusaka through the Investigations Team have arrested and charged Maxwell Chongu a businessman aged 41 and Rozyna Mweemba Mumba a housewife aged 37 both of Avondale in Lusaka and Directors of Greenside Suppliers and Investments Limited for the offences of Undertaking Construction Works without a valid National Council for Construction Certificate Contrary to Section 21(1)(2) of the National Council for Construction (NCC) Act No. 13 of 2003, Obtaining Pecuniary Advantage by False Pretences Contrary to Section 309A of the Penal Code Chapter 87 and Money Laundering Contrary to Section seven of the Prohibition and Prevention of Money Laundering Act number 14 of 2001 as read with amendment Act Number 44 of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia.

Maxwell Chongu

The duo through their Company Greenside Supplies and Investments Limited secured a sub-contract with the AFCONS Infrastructure Limited in the construction of Lusaka City Decongestion Project in May 2019 without a valid National Council for Construction Certificate and thereby obtained a pecuniary advantage of USD 48,512 from the Government of the Republic of Zambia. Learn More

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