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Expert: Covid Has Wide-Reaching Social and Mental Effects

In order to prevent a rise in mental health cases, a mental health specialist has urged stakeholders involved in raising awareness of the issue to actively participate in COVID 19 preventive sensitization.

According to DAVID KATEMBO, executive director of the Old Drift Initiative on Mental Health, the Covid 19 outbreak has caused many families to struggle with mental health concerns as a result of its negative consequences on the social, economic, psychological, biological, and spiritual well-being.

He has noted that in order to ensure that community members begin following the COVID 19 preventive measures, it is crucial that stakeholders work with the government.

In order for the public to mentally prepare and prevent mental breakdowns that result in suicide, according to Mr. KATEMBO, the public must be notified in advance of a potential pandemic outbreak.

He has urged the people to foster an environment of trust and open discussion with mental health professionals about any topic linked to mental health.

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