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Agriculture students from Zambia depart for internship in Israel

47 students from Zambia’s three agricultural universities have departed for Israel to participate in an 11-month internship program.

After the Zambian colleges and Israel’s Ramat Negev International Training Center for Advanced Agriculture partnered, the students were chosen from the Natural Resources Development College and the Zambia College of Agriculture in Monze and Mpika.

Government officials are thrilled that a collaboration has been formed between Zambian and Israeli educational institutions to carry out the internship program, according to Agriculture Permanent Secretary GREEN MBOZI.

The students will gain information, specialized skills, and practical experience in field cropping and planting, dairy and poultry farming, greenhouse management, and smart agriculture technologies through the internship, according to Mr. MBOZI.

At the departure of students from the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka, he made this statement in a speech that was read for him by the director of human and administrative affairs in the ministry of agriculture, Lubasi Sakowiba.

The students have been advised to take advantage of the chance they have been given to learn the essential information and skills from Israel’s modern agriculture, which would be beneficial in enhancing Zambia’s agricultural sector, by Honorary Consul of Israel in Zambia SINYA MBALE.

Israel is one of the top producing nations for agriculture, according to Mr. MBALE, and kids have a lot to learn about it.

Additionally, the relationship will help expose students to cutting-edge farming methods used in Israel, according to NRDC Principal ALICE TEMBO.

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