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Facebook live videos posted by Chilufya Tayali attract legal action

President of the Economic and Equity Party (EEF), Chilufya Tayali, appeared in court and entered a plea of not guilty to using language that was believed to harass senior chief Mukuni during a live Facebook video.

According to the disputed statements made by Mr. Tayali, the traditional leader was the inspiration behind the gassing of people’s homes.

In one count of harassment involving electronic communication, Tayali is accused of going live on his Facebook page for EEF President Chilufya Tayali on November 10, 2013, with the intent to harass and cause emotional distress. Tayali has been charged with this offense along with other unidentified individuals.

It is alleged that on the online social media platform, the politicians said “Chief Mukuni is the brain child behind the gassing crimes that characterised the country between 2019 and 2020 for purpose of getting Hakainde Hichilema out of prison”.

The magistrate heard his denial of the charge, and the trial will now begin.

Tayali made an appearance in a different court to answer to a different accusation involving social media, but this one was connected to making racial statements.

The 48-year-old businessman is accused of expressing or exhibiting disdain for people based on their race when it is stated that on January 26, this year, he said, “We Bembas are useful fools,” during a live broadcast on his Facebook page called “EEF President Chilufya Tayali.”

The phrases purportedly expressed or demonstrated hatred, mockery, or contempt for the Bemba people due to their tribe and country of origin.

The accused disputed the charge once it was given to them, and Lusaka Magistrate Sheila Mweene continued the matter until trial began on May 4 of this year.

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