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Faith Nketsi denies cheating allegations

Faith Nketsi-Njilo cannot seem to catch a break. Since announcing her marriage to contentious businessman Nzuzo Njilo back in April 2022, the couple has not even celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. But speculations about the demise of their relationship have been rampant on social media, and it is not over Nzuzo’s alleged criminality. The latest report of their alleged breakup which was circulated by MDN News shared that:

Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo are no longer living together. Nketsi has left her matrimonial home for a hotel room in Sandton and she is back at doing club hosting to maintain her and the baby. The couple has called it quits. This is according to Faith’s friend, who let the cat out of the bag.

faith nketsi

Financial woes marred the relationship. No doubt Faith doesn’t come any cheap and her hubby has been embroiled in fraud charges. He allegedly defrauded Lund Industries’ almost R1 million to foot the bills of his wedding, which was last year.

Moreover, the publication went on to support the claims by suggesting that Faith has gone back to taking hosting duties. A fact which seemed to assert that it was truly over between the married couple. But it seems that Faith reached her limit when it was alleged that she was already mingling in these streets.

Faith Nketsi-Njile denies cheating allegations

In light of the reports that Faith and her husband Nzuzo are estranged and living separately. There was an image of Faith at an all-white party has surfaced. The image sees Faith partying with L-Tido, K.O and being held in the arms of rapper Da L.E.S.

The manner in which the two were in the image was suggestive, and tweeps were quick to call out Faith for already being in the market.

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In other news – Faith Nketsi and Da L.E.S photo causes a stir

Faith Nketsi and Da L.E.S cause a stir after being spotted canoodling in a recent snap. The two rappers were at an all-white party a few days ago with other celebrities in the industry.

Faith Nketsi

However, the snap taken at the event landed them in a mess as critics flood social media with reactions. Seeing that she and the rapper bonded romantically at an outdoor event raised brows as Nketsi reportedly moved out of her husband, Nzuzo Njilo‘s house a few days ago. Learn more

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