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Family of 42-year-old Lusaka man rejects suicide claims

Family of 42-year-old Lusaka man rejects suicide claims Allegedly after discovering his wife, 34, being intimate with two men.

The family of a 42-year-old Mtendere man who is thought to have killed himself after allegedly discovering his wife cheating with two men has refuted the allegations, claiming that other individuals were responsible for his death.

Mary Pepa, the deceased’s older sister, claims that her brother Golden Pepa was actually assaulted by his wife Mable Banda and two men who were mistaken for her boyfriends when he discovered them at his home.

According to Ms. Mary Pepa, she remembers that just before he passed away, her brother showed up to her home covered in blood and told her how the suspect and two other guys had beaten him.

She claimed that her brother had mentioned that his wife had told him that she had chosen to attract guys into her life as a result of his neglect of her.

According to Ms. Mary Pepa, her brother, a National Assembly football player, arrived to her Kalingalinga home that fatal day about 23:30 with a bloodied face.

When questioned what had happened, he allegedly said that his wife and her boyfriends had beaten him.

“He told us that when he got home, he found his wife with two men in the house. He told us that when he asked his wife who the two men were, she told him that they were her boyfriends who were taking good care of her because he had no money to take care of her. He further explained that one of the boyfriend’s decided to run away because beating him was not a good thing because they would get in trouble,” she narrated.

Ms. Mary Pepa informed Mwebantu that after being brought to the hospital, her brother’s health deteriorated and he passed away.
She continued by adding that her sister-in-law, who is also the suspect, disputed what had transpired and had even gone so far as to claim that Mr. Golden had actually taken his own life.

“My sister-in-law does not know that my brother told us what happened. She even posted on Facebook that he died from consuming doom, but the hospital personnel told us he had blood clots from the beating and so we are waiting for the results,” she said.

A report of a possible murder was made, according to Zambian police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale, in which Mable Banda is accused of beating her husband in the presence of two other men during a personal quarrel.
According to Mr. Mwale, the incident happened on a Saturday last week at about 19:30.

“The sister to the deceased reported that her brother Mr Golden Lunda Pepa is alleged to have been beaten by the wife Mable Banda who was also believed to be the company of two other male’s in the house of the deceased did beat the deceased after a domestic quarrel. Further,according to the sister to the deceased, she told the police that she received a phone call from from her young brother , who had taken the deceased to the hospital that he had died after being transferred to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) from Mtendere clinic,” he said.

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