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Farm workers Arrested for cattle theft

In the Central Province’s Mkushi District, police have found 17 livestock that were taken from a farm owned by a South African national.

According to Central Province Police Commanding Officer DAVID CHILESHE, the livestock, which have a value of 214,000 Kwacha, were taken from BURTON YOUNG’s Wakawaka Farm.

Five farm workers have been detained and have confessed to stealing the animals over time, Mr. CHILESHE said in a statement to ZNBC News.

According to him, police are still attempting to determine how many cattle in total have been taken from the farm.

Mr. Chileshe reports that a man’s decomposing body was discovered on top of a hill in the TAZARA Complex of the Kapiri Mposhi District.

According to Mr. CHILESHE, the deceased JOSEPHAT MALAMA’s National Registration Card, Payslip, and ATM card were used to identify him. These items were discovered in his pocket.

He claims that the body was buried there.

A Hino Ranger vehicle struck an unidentified man pedestrian who was crossing the street in Kapiri Mposhi, killing him instantly. He was between the ages of 40 and 45. Mr. CHILESHE also revealed this incident.

According to Mr. CHILESHE, the collision occurred on Monday at 20:30 in the Pungwa neighborhood along the Ndola-Kapiri route.

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