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Fast Case Resolution Is Essential To Actualizing Justice, Says Mulyata

Minister SHEAL MULYATA of the LUSAKA Province has asked for the swift prosecution of cases before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court.

According to Ms. MULYATA, the achievement of justice depends on the prompt resolution of cases.

In the fight against corruption, she also asserts that there will be no sacred cows.

This was said by Ms. MULYATA in LUSAKA today at the beginning of the Extraordinary High Court Session and the Week of Mediation Settlements.

The two occasions fell on the Golden Jubilee of both the Law Association of Zambia-LAZ and Zambia’s Supreme Court.

During the same event, Chief Justice MUMBA MALILA urged LAZ to accept a specific amount of pro bono work each year due to the increase in litigants who cannot afford legal representation.

Dr. MALILA also urged attorneys to consider mediation as an alternative to litigation in matters involving their clients.

Marshall Muchende, the solicitor general, recommended for the development of mediators’ skills.

Also, Mr. Muchende urged the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) to think about offering mediation courses.

As a result of Mediation Settlement Week, LAZ President LUNGISANI ZULU revealed that his organization has accepted 50 cases for Pro Bono Services.

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