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Father and son arrested defiling 3rd grader

Father and son arrested defiling 3rd grader leaving her with an STI

A third-grade student at Chirundu is said to have contracted a STI after being defiled by her stepfather and stepbrother (STI).

The 12-year-old victim was abused by her step-relatives, one of whom was 74 and the other was 24.

Chief Chipepo’s neighborhood in the Chirundu District, according to police deputy public relations officer Danny Mwale, was the scene of the incident last week.

According to Mr. Mwale, the victim’s teacher noted that she was acting strangely in class.

Her teacher investigated her and found lesions on the victim’s private areas as well as a bad body odor.

She was taken to a health post where she was diagnosed with (STIs) and later the matter was reported to police where investigations revealed that the girl was abused by her stepfather and her stepbrother,” said Mr Mwale.

The victim is currently receiving treatment in a hospital, according to Mr. Mwale, and the two suspects are being held in police custody as the case has become more serious.

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