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FAZ suspends Alex Ng’onga of Nkana for remainder of 2022–2023 campaign

Due to a violation of Article 48 of the Football Association of Zambia’s (FAZ) Disciplinary Code, NKANA striker Alex Ng’onga has been suspended from all football activities for the remainder of the current campaign.

On November 19, 2022, at Nkana Stadium, during a Week 14 Super League game between Nkana and Power Dynamos, Ng’onga let out his frustration by ripping his Nkana shirt in front of glaring television cameras. He then kicked a Super Sport pitch-side microphone.

The striker did not take well to being replaced by the technical bench just before this.

According to a statement made by Sydney Mungala, manager of FAZ communications, the Disciplinary Committee also fined Ng’onga K25,000, which must be paid within seven days.

In accordance with Article 53(4) of the Disciplinary Code of 2021, Ng’onga was provisionally suspended by FAZ pending the Disciplinary Committee’s decision on his case.

“The Disciplinary Committee carefully looked at the facts before them and the subject provisions of the law governing your (Ng’onga) conduct and concluded that you are indeed guilty as charged,” reads part of the verdict.

“The Disciplinary Committee is satisfied by the assertions that your conduct in this matter fell below the requisite standard of sportsmanship and fair play. This cannot go unpunished, and therefore the committee accordingly impose on you a ban from all football activities for the remainder of the current season.”

The verdict further reads,

“In addition to the above, you are required to pay a fine in the sum of K20, 000 within seven days of receipt of this ruling. You are further required, to meet all the costs of repairing of the Super Sport equipment that you assaulted.”

Ng’onga has the right to appeal the decision within 72 hours if he is not satisfied.

And FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala thanked the Disciplinary Committee for their consistency in the delivery of justice in the 2022-2023 season.

“Special thanks to the judicial bodies and secretariat for their commitment to clearing disputes in our game in good time. This is in the long run reduces tension in the game and prevents last minute decisions at the close of the season that may alter the outcome of the league,” he said.

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