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As of late, Ba mbuya has denied marijuana trafficking

The case involving the 81-year-old man who is charged with narcotics trafficking has a twist.

Tie Mwape has modified his plea and now claims not to have committed the crimes he had earlier pleaded to.

It is alleged that on November 26 of this year, Mwape illegally imported 36 grams of marijuana, a natural product of the cannabis sativa plant.

Mwape first entered a guilty plea before Lusaka Magistrate Davies Chibwili without having legal counsel present.

However, a Legal Aid Board attorney told the court that their client wanted to enter a new plea when the case was discussed this morning.

The accused was given instructions to enter a new plea, the magistrate was informed.

After the prosecution had previously requested to change the amount of narcotics from 36 to 68grammes, Magistrate Chibwili then read out the new charge to Mwape, who had earlier entered a not guilty plea.

The offender had already entered a guilty plea and informed the court that he intended to use the medications to treat his grandchild’s ear condition.

The accused is being represented by attorneys Douglas Njolomba and Petronella Kafumbe, both from Legal Aid, at the trial scheduled for December 23, 2022.

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