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Nakachinda won’t retract his description of Speaker Nelly Mutti as “emotional,”

In Parliament, Nakachinda won't retract his description of Speaker Nelly Mutti as "emotional,"

Raphael Nakachinda, a member of the PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Central Committee in charge of information and publicity, has been ejected from the House of Representatives.

Mr. Nakachinda arrived before the Parliament House today to get a ruling against him for calling Nelly Mutti, the Speaker of the National Assembly, “Emotional” in a newspaper piece published in the Daily Nation last year.

Mr. Nakachinda, on multiple occasions last year when called before the National Assembly’s disciplinary committee, he proved to be evasive or failed to appear.

As a result of Mr. Nakachinda’s disparaging and insulting actions last year, Ms. Mutti concluded in her decision today that the National Assembly’s dignity had been diminished.

“Mr Nakachinda the house is extremely displeased. You lowered the dignity of the house and also failed to appear before the committee. I urge you to reform and desist from such in future. I order you to apologise,” she said.

Ms. Mutti then instructed him to read the letter of apology that was in front of him.

However, Mr. Nakachinda declared that he would not apologize because he was requested to deliver a letter of apology that had not been authored by him.

If I read this apology that wasn’t written by me, it would be a breach of my conscience, he said.

Mr. Nakachinda was then ordered to leave the house, and Mutti warned him that the National Assembly will take proper action against him.

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