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Maintenance Costs Led to Decision to Sell Presidential jet. Lufuma

Ambrose Lufuma, Minister of Defence, stated that more than US$2 million is spent annually on the maintenance of the presidential Gulfstream plane.

He claims that this is the reason the government decided to sell it and buy a new one that will require less upkeep.

During a ministerial statement in the legislature, Mr. Lufuma claimed that the presidential jet’s sale was caused by its high maintenance cost, which is anticipated to increase even after going through routine maintenance and service work.

“The Government decision to sale the presidential jet is because the average management, maintenance and communication cost of the presidential jet is over USD$2 million dollars per year giving a total average cost of over USD$ 42 million for a period of 20 years at the minimum. This is also against the considered fact that the annual management maintenance and communication costs are dependent on the flying activities undertaken in each calendar year by the presidential jet,” he said.

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