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Watch: A look into Nadia Nakai and AKA’s first vacation to America

Mzansi rapper Nadia Nakai remembered her first vacation to America with her late boyfriend, AKA with some excellent videos describing every detail.

A few days ago, tragedy fell upon Nadia following the death of her boyfriend, AKA, and things have been demanding since then. It seemed that Nadia was copying without AKA after she produced an excellent performance a few days ago.

She still has phases of sadness when she remembers, AKA, and this may be the case throughout her life. Sadly, today she remembers her first vacation with AKA when they went to America to enjoy themselves.

Nadia Nakai

It was such a vacation that was thrilling. Indeed, the two lovebirds enjoyed their love when they could. They had everything sweet in America, and it seemed Nadia could not get this vacation out of her head. How can she forget such a historical vacation in her life?

If AKA was doing this for his girlfriend, then the man to come into Nadia’s life has big boots to fill.

It is almost everybody’s dream to go for a vacation in America, and Nadia lived her dream with AKA. How good was it for her: she had to take videos and get all her experiences.


In the video, Nadia narrated how they arrived first in Cincinnati, Ohio, as they started their fabulous vacation. Since the start of the holiday, AKA had been the cameraman, but he later appeared when they ate. The food looked so expensive and delicious, and it created hunger.

Indeed, Nadia Nakai remembers her explosive vacation with AKA in America; it was her first, and the first cut is certainly the deepest.


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