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PICS: Queen Minaj slammed for n#dity

Mzansi has not stopped buzzing over ama2000 sensation Queen Minaj whose raunchy photos and public n#dity have both shocked and intrigued social media users. The young pink-haired woman has made a reputation for herself by wearing no underwear or actual clothes in public and has once again managed to trend on Twitter for her latest sultry posts.

Many people have discussed her behavior with some defending her decision to flaunt her body while others slammed her for what they are calling “indecent nonsense”.

Queen Minaj

If you don’t know who Queen Minaj is, then you’ve probably been living under a giant rock. The young woman has been shot to fame in South Africa because of the way she dresses in public.

She is famous for wearing underwear, sheer dresses, and ripped jeans in public places like malls and shops. She also loves wearing bright pink braids which undoubtedly bring her a lot of attention.

Queen Minaj

Many are once again discussing Queen Minaj on social media after @advobarryroux shared her latest snaps on his Twitter page in a post which he captioned:

South Africa is known of glorifying nonsense & shy away from the truth. South Africa is the only African country that has no morals and principles, We have misinterpreted human Rights. South Africa needs cleansing. Democracy has brought lot of bad things.”

The post received a number of reactions from Twitter users who either think she has a right to show off her body as she pleases or feel that she is being indecent.

@ZobbyD said:

“The most followed & liked people on social media are the likes of Zodwa & Queen Minaj. Demand for such isn’t driven by them or their content is driven by the law of attraction. With dat said, do Morals & Principles will feed them?”

While @iam_blessbrown said:

“There is nothing wrong with a strong woman celebrating her sexuality and being comfortable in her own body!!! Ungenaphi wena?”

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Sindile Soyeye

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