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Teachers Abandon School

Due to a lack of accommodations, teachers assigned to Kashinge Primary School in Mushindamo District in North Western Province have left the institution.

Now, a volunteer instructor at the school is instructing around 200 students.

This comes after the government sent three teachers to the school who merely showed up and later left since there was nowhere to stay.

The District Education Office has been instructed by Member of Parliament for Solwezi East ALEX KATAKWE to find the teachers who were deployed and request that they come back to work.

Dr. KATAKWE expressed his sadness when he visited the school, saying that it is unfortunate that students are being denied the chance to learn because of a shortage of human resources when the government has already provided teachers through teacher recruitment.

And ANDREW KALANGWA, the district commissioner for Mushindamo, declared he would work with the local government to find a method to construct homes for the school’s teachers.

No matter where they are working from, according to Mr. KALANGWE, teachers need suitable housing.

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