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Fisp Fertilizer Sellers Arrested

Anyone involved in the sale of fertilizer intended for farmers under the Farmers Input Support Programme-FISP is to be arrested, according to an order from Agriculture Minister MTOLO PHIRI to police.

According to Mr. PHIRI, the government is aware of those who are selling fertilizer intended for small-scale farms while abusing the distribution process.

No one implicated in such crimes should be exempt from the law, he claims, regardless of their political views or social standing.

In the Chongwe district of Lusaka, Mr. PHIRI was speaking as he observed the distribution of fertilizer to small farmers.

The Agriculture Minister added that despite delays in the provision of inputs in some regions of the nation, farmers still have time to plan and generate a strong crop production.

SYLVIA MASEBO, a member of parliament for Chongwe, added that all eligible farmers, regardless of their political party, should be permitted to collect their inputs.

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