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Cooperating Partners Provide Zambia’s Health Sector With US$1.3 Billion

For the years 2023 to 2025, cooperating partners have committed US$1.3 billion to Zambia’s health sector.

About 630 million dollars of that total have been set aside for 2023.

The main sources of funding include the governments of Germany, the United States, the World Bank, Japan, GAVI, the EU, and the UN agencies.

KRISTINA SERIS, external relations officer for the World Health Organization (WHO), revealed the breakthrough during a presentation at the Ministry of Health’s annual consultative meeting with collaborating partners today in Lusaka.

She clarified that the money will be concentrated primarily in three areas: HIV & AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, and mother and child health.

According to SYLVIA MASEBO, minister of health, the government intends to lower the number of young people contracting HIV.

Ms. MASEBO also said that the Ministry plans to spray 2.7 million buildings to prevent malaria and that over 11 million treated mosquito nets will be distributed across the nation in 2023.

Meanwhile, WHO Country Representative NATHAN BAKYAITA praised the administration for achieving over 75% COVID 19 vaccine coverage.

According to Dr. BAKYAITA, people must continue to abide by COVID 19’s five golden rules.

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