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Flood-related crop failure will result in compensation for FISP farmers

According to the government, compensation under the FISP component of the Agricultural Weather Index will be taken into account for participants of the Farmer Input Support Program who may experience loss or crop failure.

According to interim agriculture minister CHIPOKA MULENGA, crop loss may result from climate change effects like severe rains.

Mr. Mulenga stated that the fertilizer provided around the nation is of high quality and complies with the necessary criteria in response to a question from Chilubi Member of Parliament MULENGA FUBE in the House of Representatives.

In a request for an oral response, Mr. FUBE sought to learn whether the government was aware that certain fertilizer businesses had given the Samfya, Lungu, Lubansenshi, and Chilubi Districts subpar D compound and urea fertilizers.

According to Mr. MULENGA, the government has been observing and evaluating the quality of fertilizer imported into the nation through the Zambia Agricultural Research Institute, or ZARI.

And in a follow-up inquiry, CHRIZOSTER HALWINDI, a member of parliament for Kabwe Central, asked to know if the government will evaluate soils to determine the kinds of fertilizer to distribute in certain locations.

In answer, Mr. CHIPOKA stated that this was the reason the government would begin hiring extension agents. These individuals would counsel farmers on the best crops to sow or the sorts of fertilizer needed in specific regions.

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