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Floods have affected 66,000 homes

Floods have affected over 66,000 families nationwide, and 1200 of those households have been displaced and are currently receiving refuge.

Also, the First Lady’s Office gave 300 blankets and 2,000 by 25 kilogram bags of mealie meal to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit for distribution to flood victims.

According to First Lady MUTINTA HICHILEMA, the donation is a gesture to aid the flood-affected homes.

According to Mrs. HICHILEMA, the support given to her office by well-wishers, including the Chinese Embassy, which sent 1,800 bags of mealie meal and 300 blankets, and Mr. JAMES KAMANGA, who donated 200 bags of mealie meal, led to the contribution.


She finds it tragic that the floods also destroyed 4 dams and devastated nearly 150,000 hectares of agricultural land.

Nonetheless, Ms. HICHILEMA has praised the government for working relentlessly through DMMU to reach the devastated areas and provide assistance to the people.

Meanwhile, China Charge d’Affaires to Zambia Dr. MEG HAO stated that his nation would keep looking for ways to assist Zambia in coping with the current flood-related problem..

The First Lady was thanked for the gift, and DMMU National Coordinator GABRIEL POLLEN gave her office the assurance that the donated goods would reach their intended recipients.

Dr. POLLEN has requested support from a number of stakeholders so that the unit can help the impacted people.

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