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Following hailstorm, more than 20 Chasefu Families Left homeless

After a hailstorm slammed some areas of Chasefu District, MORE THAN 20 households were left without a place to live.

On Saturday, a natural calamity ravaged homes and agricultural areas in the Chaboli, Membe, and Kapilisanga sectors of Chasefu.

According to a statement made by Vernon Muwema, the public relations officer for Chasefu council, the calamity has affected 27 families, totaling 140 persons.

“A disaster that occurred in the early hours of Saturday despite not having claimed any life resulted in the sustenance of body injuries by some victims who were asleep at the time it struck,” Mr Muwema said.

As a hailstorm affected several areas of the region, Chasefu District has seen the eviction of over 20 families.

The Chaboli, Membe, and Kapilisanga sectors of Chasefu were hit by the natural calamity on Saturday, destroying homes and agricultural crops.

Vernon Muwema, the Chasefu council’s public relations officer, said in a statement that the disaster has affected 27 households, totaling 140 persons.

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