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Former teacher faces 42 charges of s.e.x.ual assault in SA And UK

A retired teacher has been charged with sexually assaulting a child at a British school where he taught would-be prime minister Boris Johnson.

David Price will face trial in South Africa, where he taught after leaving England in the 1980s.

A former pupil in South Africa contacted the police in December after learning of the earlier allegations in Radio 4’s In Dark Corners series.

Mr Price, 76, denies the charges, according to BBC News.

There are 42 allegations against him in total.

He was arrested in the country by British police in 2019 and has since been fighting extradition to the UK.

The latest allegations relate to his time at a prestigious all-boys school in Cape Town in the 1980s.

The alleged victim contacted Mr Renton after seeing South African media coverage of the BBC’s In Dark Corners series – which investigated sexual abuse at Britain’s elite boarding schools.

He claims he was first groped by the teacher in 1985 at the age of about 10 while showering at Western Province Preparatory School in Cape Town.

Journalist Alex Renton, who was taught by Mr Price, has spoken to six men who allege they were sexually assaulted by the teacher at Ashdown House in East Sussex in the 1970s.

After returning to his native South Africa, Mr Price continued to teach.

He said he was made to touch the teacher’s genitals and was told he “can’t tell anyone, they’re not going to believe you.”

Mr Price left the school in December 1987.

A spokeswoman says the school never received any complaints he sexually assaulted children.

A court statement from the teacher in 2019 admits to “inappropriately” touching boys in the UK, but he denied having done so in South Africa. A later statement in 2021 appears to retract this admission.

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