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Lamiez Holworthy reacts at jokes against pregnant women

Lamiez Holworthy frowns at jokes made against pregnant women.

In a lengthy post shared on Monday, the DJ who is pregnant revealed that she’s not experiencing any drastic change, hence she appears to be enjoying all that comes with pregnancy.

However, she’s not pleased on how people attack pregnant women with via jokes.

Lamiez Holworthy

” So, I’ve seen the comparisons, compliments and even jokes about pregnancy and whilst I count myself very lucky because I haven’t experienced any drastic physical changes (although the abdominal pains, swollen legs, nausea, migraines and hormones are showing me real flames) I simply don’t like the jokes attacking other pregnant women,” she wrote.

Holworthy further explained why the jokes are unnecessary.

“Truth is, no one has control over how they look or even how smoothly their pregnancy goes and to be subjected to the demeaning words and unnecessary verbal and emotional abuse isn’t fair. ANY woman who carries life is a superhero with superpowers in my opinion and should all be celebrated and embraced regardless of how they look.”

Lamiez Holworthy

DJ Lamiez urges people to be kind to pregnant women, and she further warned that nobody should use her to belittle other women.

“There is no manual to this life thing and the least we can be is kinder because take it from me- pregnancy is no walk in the park! You’re literally risking your life to carry and bring a healthy,happy and normal child in to this world. And that? That makes me admire every single mother and those carrying life,” she concluded her note.

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