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Four men gang-raped a Luanshya woman

A woman from Luanshya was raped repeatedly by four guys after they dragged her from the restroom of a club where she was drinking.

One of the four smacked the victim before the victim was dragged by the four and subjected to a gang rape.

The tragic occurrence, according to Copperbelt Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, happened on Wednesday at around 22:00 in the Twashuka settlement of Luanshya, close to Clifford bar.

According to him, the woman was able to recognize two of her attackers as Majata and Joe, both of Twashuka township.

“Brief facts are that the victim left home on Wednesday December 28, this year at about 18:00 hours to go to drink beer at Clifford bar where she met with her friends. Whilst there at about 22:00 hours, the victim decided to go to the toilet to urinate and whilst there, she felt a hand on her shoulder and when she turned to see who it was, she saw that it was Majata ,other names not known and he slapped her for no apparent reason,” he said.

Mr Mweemba said that the victim narrated to police that later he was joined by his friend and they started dragging her to the roadside.

“At the roadside, she was pushed down and Majata pulled down her pair of shorts, and raped her. After he finished, his two other friends also took turns in raping her. The fifth one tried to stop them ,but failed. The victim was later rescued by her friend,” he said.

After demanding K600 from a Zimbabwean man after having sex, two prostitutes in Kitwe have been charged with behavior likely to provoke a breach of peace.

According to reports, one of the prostitutes asked for K400, while the other asked for K200.

According to Mr. Mweemba, the event took place at the Naties guest house in Kitwe’s Wasukile settlement on Wednesday between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m.

“Police detained two ladies and a gentleman namely Chiko Chilaswe believed to Zimbabwean, Elizabeth Sichone and Towela Ngwila who dragged themselves to the police on allegations that, the man had sexual intercourse with them ,but did not pay them hence they were demanding payments. One lady demanded K400 ,while the other lady demanded K200,” he said.

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