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FRA Addresses Food Security

Local authorities in drought- and flood-prone areas have been advised by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to apply for the purchase of maize under the Community Sales Program.

This, according to CHOLA KAFWABULULA, executive director of the FRA, is intended to make sure that the vulnerable populations solve their food insecurity.

According to Dr. KAFWABULULA, the Community Sales Program is a direct alternative that offers less expensive and accessible maize for milling to assure family food security in rural vulnerable communities.

He claims that the organization has kept selling maize through the Community Sales Program, which distributes the commodity to a chosen group of rural, food-insecure populations that are vulnerable to drought and flood.

According to a statement from Dr. KAFWABULULA to ZNBC News, each home participating in this program is only allowed to purchase ONE fifty kilogram bag of maize per month, and the Agency has begun distributing maize to impacted districts.

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