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Breaking into News Diggers’ offices resultes in 1 year, 3 month sentence for London “Elephant.”

A magistrate sentenced the security guard to one year and three months in prison for breaking into News Diggers and stealing more than K4,000.

London Njobvu, whose surname is Elephant, was sentenced to prison by Lusaka magistrate Kelvin Soma, who advised him to find for another job because he is too weak-willed to be a security guard.

In this case, 43-year-old Mtendere Township resident Njobvu was accused of breaking into a building and committing a felony.

Njobvu, 43, is accused of breaking into a building and committing a criminal. He is from Mtendere Township.]

Njobvu came into News Diggers’ offices on January 7 of this year with the intention of stealing, and he took K4, 750 worth of the company’s goods.

The defendant acknowledged the charge last week when he appeared before magistrate Soma.

Sipilisiwe N’cube, a News Diggers reporter, left the office gate locked on January 7, 2023, at 16:00 hours, according to information presented to the court during yesterday’s reading of facts.

Some money was gone, and it was found two days later.

Ms. Nc’ube saw the now-accused person receiving the money after watching the closed-circuit television tape.

Central police received a report about the incident.

Before the court found the accused guilty, he answered in the affirmative when asked if the facts were accurate.

The convict, who could hardly be heard, offered an apology for his behavior as part of his defense.

Talk up! The magistrate added, “When you were stealing, you were delighted.

The accused begged the judge to be lenient because doing so would harm his five children, wife, and his mother, who has a disability.

“The wage I receive is meager; I was receiving K700. I was a security guard for Newssdiggers, working for the security firm. I apologize, but I’ll never do it, Njobvu remarked.

The magistrate stated that he took note of the mitigation, particularly the convict’s prompt admission of guilt.

“Sir, you must have considered your family before stealing.

You have been given a 15-month sentence with hard labor, the magistrate remarked.

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