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infamous drug dealer claims amnesty allowed for his freedom

A NOTORIOUS drug dealer who was found guilty of distributing more than six grams of cocaine and marijuana yesterday informed the magistrate that he is a repeat offender who was pardoned roughly four years ago.

Allan Muvundo, 29, informed the magistrate Keggan Litiya that he is a repeat offender following his conviction on five counts of drug trafficking, escape from lawful custody, and illegal use of a vehicle.

Five months ago, during an interview, the suspect fled the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) headquarters while brandishing a gun, sending the officers scrambling in terror.

Muvundo was apprehended after a manhunt, and he was charged with five offenses when he last appeared before Lusaka Magistrate Keggan Litiya.

According to count one, Muvundo allegedly trafficked 6 grams of cannabis illegally in Lusaka on December 20, 2022.

According to count two, the defendant is accused of illegally trafficking 0.57 grams of cocaine on the same day.

According to claims made in court three, on December 20, 2022, Muvundo drove an unregistered Toyota Vitz to transport, hide, and carry psychotropic drugs without a valid license.

In count four, it is claimed that on the same day, the defendant behaved in a way that could have led to a disturbance in a public area.

Last but not least, it is claimed that Muvundo, a person who was lawfully in the custody of DEC police, fled from that custody on the same date.

The court designated yesterday as the date for reading the facts and sentencing after Muvundo pleaded guilty to all charges.

The accused was being pursued by DEC in relation to narcotics trafficking, the court was informed.

One of the manhunts took place in July of last year after information about the accused’s alleged drug trafficking at East Park Mall was provided to the authorities.

When DEC officials went to the mall and discovered Muvundo there, he promptly sped off in a Vitz that he had run out of petrol in Kalingalinga and abandoned.

In his abandoned car, authorities discovered a revolver with 26 rounds of ammo and some marijuana-looking substances.]

The courageous defendant went to DEC officials to claim his seized automobile in the same month, but while being questioned, he confronted them before fleeing while brandishing a pistol.

The accused responded in the positive when asked if the facts were accurate, and magistrate Litiya found him guilty of the charges after learning that he is a repeat offender.

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