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Fred Mmembe calls for resignation of Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe

Mr Mulambo Haimbe, the Minister of Justice and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs is accused of being at the centre or triggered the gruesome murder of Ms Valerie Franco and the subsequent suicide of her husband Mr Mike Ilishebo. A very tragic occurrence that shook the city of Lusaka and the entire nation of Zambia at large.

Mike Ilishebo, 44, a former bank employee,allegedly killed his 35-year-old wife, Valerie Franco, before taking his own life.mThe incident happened at Meanwood Ndeke Phase One area in Lusaka on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

Police Public Relations officer, Rae Hamoonga, who confirmed the incident in a statement on Thursday, April 4, said that Mr. Ilishebo strangled Valerie with an electric power adapter cable and stabbed her in the stomach with a knife.

“Yesterday, Wednesday, April 3, 2024, at approximately 16:05 hours, Chelston Police Station, through Ndeke-vorna Police Post, received a distressing report from Alice Mapulanga, 38, that Mr. Ilishebo has perpetrated a heinous act against his wife, Valerie, aged 35,” he said.

“Upon the arrival of Police Scenes of Crime officers at the scene, Ms. Franco’s lifeless body was discovered lying in the bedroom adjacent to the bed, with a knife embedded in her abdomen

“Meanwhile, Mr Ilishebo was found deceased in the sitting room, with a black substance coming from his mouth

“It’s alleged that Mr Ilishebo strangled Ms Franco using an electric power adapter cable and subsequently stabbed her in the stomach with a knife, before taking a poisonous substance, resulting in his own demise.”

Mr. Hamoonga stated that the incident is said to have occurred between 15:00 and 16:00 hours. The bodies were transported to the University Teaching Hospital mortuary for further examination.”

Hamoonga said the motive behind the incident appears to stem from long marital dispute between the couple who shared an eight-month-old child. On his facebook post Dr.Fred Mmembe said:

“Shockingly, immediately after the report of this grisly murder and suicide incident, audios in which Mr Ilishebo confronted Mr Haimbe over his alleged inappropriate love affair with his wife, Ms Franco emerged and went viral on various social media platforms.

In the audios, the discernably disheartened and helpless Mr Ilishebo is heard inviting Mr Haimbe for a “man- to- man talk” to discuss his alleged mischief with his wife. An invitation which Mr Haimbe calmly welcomed with a noticeable tone and temperament signaling that he was familiar with the matter at hand.

Dr.Mmembe said we may not be preview to the inner happenings in the home of this now deceased young couple. But certainly, their death and the manner in which they both died coupled with Mr Haimbe’s alleged involvement in this horrific end of their lives is extremely painful and disturbing especially to the families of the deceased persons.

Indeed, the law enforcement agencies are probing this horror-like occurrence. But whilst the investigation is taking place, it is evidently important that Mr Haimbe resigns. We are not imputing that Mr Haimbe is guilty of the murder or any of that sort of crimes, no! But at this stage, this matter is not all about legality but morality too. And one ought to satisfy both the legal and moral dimensions of the matter in order for them to remain without stain. And going by what happened so far, Mr Haimbe’s suitability to continue holding office in the wake of this alleged scandal and the inappropriateness of his conduct is not attainable.

This is not to say Mr Haimbe should be an angel or a saint, no! We are merely illustrating the gravity of the situation before him, how hugely problematic his continued stay in office will be, and how unbearable it will be to have a person with such allegations and perceptions about their character and morality at the helm of our justice system and our international relations and cooperation. And trying to conceal or disguise this incident by handling or representing it misleadingly or keeping quiet on it won’t work.

Clearly, Mr Haimbe is no longer an asset to this government. He is actually a liability and the earlier, Mr Hakainde Hichilema accepted this fact, the better for our country and its image. This is not a matter Mr Hichilema can simply be glossed over like he has done before because it is humiliating the country and also it will haunt him permanently if he has any conscience. Mr Haimbe must go. He is unfit to hold office. He must resign!

Source: Luasakatimes

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