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PIC: Mr JazziQ hits on his friend’s girlfriend

South African DJ and Amapiano producer Mr JazziQ has been blasted on Instagram following the damning accusations leveled against him. Tattoo artist and owner of Al Realism Tattoos has named and shamed Mr JazziQ for relentlessly hitting on his girlfriend.

Social media is abuzz following the news currently making rounds where Mr JazziQ is currently lambasted for hotting on someone’s girlfriend. The tattoo artist has also claimed that this is certainly not the first time the Amapiano DJ and producer has approached his girlfriend.

Mr JazziQ

Mr JazziQ bro ain’t gonna lie I’m a big fan of your music. But please stop hitting on my girl sedii moshounyane. This is the second time you texting her. You even tried to hit on her yesterday at the market and still she mized you because she’s not interested.” wrote Al Realism


Mr JazziQ under fire for hitting on his friend's girlfriend

Reportedly, Mr JazziQ is also lying during his interviews sessions because he does not want what is he doing to become public knowledge. Mr JazziQ have two beautiful babies which the tattoo artist has urged hi to pay his more attention to than meddling in his relationship.

“You busy lying on your interviews saying you don’t want nobody knowing exactly what you doing. Long story short please respect our relationship. Focus on your kids boy!” wrote Al Realism

Tweeps are conflicted between supporting the tattoo artist or Mr JazziQ. However, some tweeps have condemned Mr JazziQ for hitting on his friend’s girlfriend not once but twice.

Mr. JazziQ has been linked with a number of Mzansi personalities including Sithelo Shozi and Mihlali Ndamase. In 2020, Mr. Jazziq was rumored to be in a serious relationship with beauty vlogger Mihlali Ndamase and it is reported that in December 2020, Mihlali asked the artist to marry her on Twitter. The circumstances under which the pair broke up have not been revealed yet.

In November 2021, Mr. JazziQ was also rumored to be dating former Generations: The Legacy actress Thuli Phongolo. The rumour was sparked by a steamy photo of the actress that the Amapiano star shared on Instagram. Both Mr. Jazziq and Thuli Phongolo denied claims that they were a couple.


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Mzansi DJ and influencer, Sithelo Shozi‘s shocking lengthy affidavit to the Johannesburg High Court reveals some shocking allegations leveled against Shauwn Mkhize and her son Andile Mpisane.

sithelo shozi

Not only did Sithelo allege that the mother and son abducted her daughter Florence, AKA Baby Flo, but she also stated that she was forced to prove that she is the mother of her and her sister Coco Likuwe Mpisane. TimesLive reported on a 24-page affidavit written by Sithelo Shozi dropping files on the Mpisane/Mkhize family. Learn More

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