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Gambler loses K123,391 he stole from From Employer

A gambler loses K123,391 that he reportedly stole from his bosses as a result of a bad bet.

An investment gone wrong occurred when the branch manager of Kasumbalesa Bola Bet, who had stolen K123,391, became obsessed with the Spin game in the hopes of doubling his loot.

Harrison Kalombwe, 26, was detained by police in Copperbelt on suspicion of stealing more than K100,000 from the bookmarker.

The betting company accuses Kalombwe of stealing the money and investing it in the virtual spin game, but luck was not on his side. Kalombwe lives at house 106 in Mine Township.

According to Copperbelt Province Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, Mr. Kalombwe opened the shop for customers on Sunday around 8:00 a.m., and they immediately began playing the spine. Later, however, his supervisor in Lusaka noticed some suspicious activity on his computer related to the Kasumbalesa Bola Bet.

Regional Manager Mulonyeni Tembo 35, according to Mr. Mweemba, was told to go check out some of the suspicious transactions.

He claimed that when Mr. Tembo arrived at work on Monday, he discovered that the balance sheet was missing K123,391 in cash.

“On monday when he reported he discovered that there is a shortfall of K 123,391 cash on the balance sheet. On the actual closing balance there is K 229,588 but cash at hand was K 106,197 making a shortfall of K123,391. The matter was reported at chililabombwe police station where it was established that Mr Kalombwe used the money for playing the spine,”he said.

He said the matter was reported to the police by Mr Tembo and an arrest was made.

Police investigations in the matter have continued.

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