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GED Africa to begin work on MWENDA KASOMENO Project

“After the wet season, GED Africa, the concessionaire for the Mwenda Kasomeno Road project, is prepared to begin building.

Additionally, CHARLES MILUPI, Zambia’s Minister of Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development, urged the investor to build high-quality infrastructure that will endure even after the facility is turned over to the Zambian government.

With 92 kilometers on the Zambian side and 94 kilometers on the Congolese side, the Mwenda Kasomeno Road project spans a distance of 186 kilometers for both Zambia and the DRC.

GED Africa, the governments of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia are working together on the project, which is valued at 600 million Kwacha and will cost roughly 600 million Kwacha, as part of a public-private partnership.”

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