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judge applauses govt

Matthews Zulu, the High Court Judge in charge of Northern and Muchinga Province, praised the government for its dedication to assisting the judicial branch in delivering just and effective justice.

Judge Zulu stated during the 6th Ceremonial Opening of the Criminal Session of the Chinsali High Court that this was done to ensure that all Zambian residents may access the administration of justice.

Judge Zulu added that the decentralization of court services is intended to allow for quick access to justice in local communities.

Since then, he has urged the government to cooperate with the judiciary in order to strengthen the administration of justice in each region of the province by developing the necessary infrastructure.

And Judge Zulu asserted that his mission is to ensure that people can easily access justice and that additional courts are established in areas like Kanchibiya and Lavushimanda, which will lower the cost of doing so.


But he also said that because most places lack the facilities to set up courts, decentralization and devolution of courts require investment in resources & labor to materialize services.


Henry Mukungule, the permanent secretary for Muchinga Province, stated that the government is dedicated to giving the judiciary complete autonomy in all of its functions.

According to Mr. Mukungule, the administration is implementing several changes, such as the decentralization of functions to the subnational level, to increase the judiciary’s responsiveness to the shifting requirements of society.

Such improvements, according to the Permanent Secretary, will improve good governance.

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