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Germany Prepared to reduce lead poisoning in Kabwe

ELIJAH MUCHIMA, the acting minister of green economy and the environment, has tasked medical professionals to monitor lead poisoning cases among Kabwe people.

According to Mr. MUCHIMA, this will make it possible for the government and its collaborating partners to mobilize relief for the impacted population.

He claims that the government intends to lower health environmental concerns, including lead contamination in Kabwe, through the Zambia Mining and Environment Repair and Improvement Project.

This was said by Mr. MUCHIMA, the Lands Minister, in a Lusaka interview.

Germany is dedicated to assisting in reducing the risks of lead poisoning, according to WAGNER MITCHELL, the ambassador of Germany to Zambia.

Furthermore, CHRIZOSTER PHIRI, a member of parliament for Kabwe Central, has urged the government and its collaborating parties to offer durable solutions and stop the source of lead pollution.

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