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ZNBC Staff Cancer Test Before Women’s Day

A radiation oncologist from the Cancer Disease Hospital has urged people to get screened for different types of cancer, emphasizing the importance of early detection.

MUMBA MUSONDA asserts that the key to treatment and management of malignancies like prostate, breast, and cervical is early identification.

She claims that one of the leading causes of mortality for women nowadays is cervical cancer.

Dr. MUSONDA urged the workforce to be screening annually at a health discourse on the sidelines of cancer screening for ZNBC staff in Lusaka today as part of International Women Day events.

Breast cancer is caused by genetic mutation, high animal fat consumption, and alcohol usage.

According to ANNE MUKABE, the head of corporate affairs at ZNBC, the screening is a part of ZNBC’s celebration of International Women’s Day this year.

Over 180 female ZNBC staff are anticipated to be tested, according to Ms. MUKABE.

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